Job Description

The Corporate Lawyer shall manage the legal review of contracts of the organization and shall primarily handle the labor and litigation matters, and appear before regulatory agencies and the courts, when necessary. The function reports directly to the Managing Director.


Job Responsibilities: 

  • Provides legal review of existing contracts, agreements and documents particularly those for renewal or renegotiation and corporate secretarial work.
  • Maintains close coordination with the human resources department and represents the Company with labor regulatory agencies and the courts on labor cases.
  • Specializes and performs Legal Corporate Accounts, Intellectual Property and Taxation activities of Noble House and its affiliates.
  • Maintains a legal and regulatory documents center, which shall be the repository of all contracts, agreements and documents reviewed. Coordinates legal inquiries among the companies in the group to avoid duplication.
  • Conducts learning sessions with Noble House and its affiliates, when requested.
  • Performs tasks that the Managing Director may assign from time to time.



  • Graduate of Law and a current member in good standing of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines
  • Has at least 4 years of law practice which are relevant to the corporate setting and experience in labor and litigation
  • Have a strong verbal and written communication skills; able to communicate in a clear, constructive, and professional manner
  • Knowledgeable in Labor, Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Laws, Intellectual Property and Taxation
  • Good interpersonal and time management skills
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